Google Argentina and Antel Uruguay have announced to extend the Tannat subsea cable to the nearby coastal city of Las Toninas in the Buenos Aires province, Argentina. And the Tannat extension is expected to be be ready for service in August 2020. The 2000km Brazil-Uruguay Tannat subsea cable has been operational since mid-2018, connecting Santos, Brazil, to Maldonado, Uruguay.

The Tannat cable system is jointly invested by Google and Antel, built by Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), designed with six fiber pairs, each with a capacity of 18Tbps, and a total system capacity of 90 Tbps.

Antel owns two fiber pairs, and Google owns the other four fiber pairs of the Tannat cable system.

The extension of the Tannat cable marks a new milestone in the technological development of Argentina and will allow Google to improve the connectivity of its services and products.

The new landing point is located at the mouth of Rio de la Plata and the 400km extension will be rolled out jointly with Uruguayan operator Antel and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN).

With the investments in Tannat, Junior and Monet cable systems, Google establishes key cloud infrastructure connecting the US, Brazal, Uruguay and Argentina along the coast of Atlantic. The three cable systems can seamlessly interconnect at Santos cable landing station in Brazil. 

Google has invested 14 submarine cables around the world, including three private international subsea cables: CurieDunant and Equiano.

Google's subsea cable investments
Google Clould Platform and Subsea Cable Investments, Source of image: Google