According to 24horas, the National Television of Chile, Google’s Curie subsea cable has landed in Chile, connecting Valparaíso and California to the Google network. In earlier this year, Google has selected Equinix LA4 as its Los Angeles cable landing station (CLS) for the Curie subsea cable system. According to Google, Curie cable lands at CenturyLink's Valparaíso Cable Landing Station at Subida Leopoldo Carvallo 350, Valparaíso, and will connect to Quilicura Google Data Center in Santiago, Chile. 

Curie Cable Lands in Chile
Curie cable lands at Las Torpederas beach, Valparaiso, Chile, Source: 24horas


Curie cable was announced a little over a year ago, as part of Google's commitment to build a safer, smarter, and higher performing public cloud. Named after physicist and chemist Marie Curie, the Curie cable system is the first private intercontinental subsea cable invested and owned by Google. Curie cable is the first new cable to land in Chile in almost 20 years, being the largest single data pipe connecting Chile.

"The Google network is a critical part of our infrastructure, enabling us to process immense amounts of information, in real time, to host some of the most demanding services in the world and to deliver content with the highest levels of availability and efficiency," noted Jayne Stowell, Senior Strategic Negotiator of the Google Global Infrastructure Group. 

It is said, Curie cable is the 13th submarine cable that Google has invested in the world, the implementation of Curie makes Google the first to invest in the development of an entirely private international submarine cable without the involvement of a telecommunications operator.