According to Equinix, CrossChannel Fibre will connect to Equinix data centres LD4 in London and PA7 in Paris, via landings in Brighton and Veules-les-Roses. CrossChannel Fibre will be the first subsea fiber-optic project laid across the English Channel in nearly 20 years and is due to be ready for service in Q4 2021.

CrossChannel Fibre is built by Crosslake Fibre, spanning 550 kilometres connecting London and Paris. CrossChannel Fibre cable system consists of 96 fibre pairs, each capable of delivering over 20 Tbps capacity, to be the lowest latency fibre network between London and Paris.

CrossChannel Fibre cable is unrepeatered and double-armored CrossChannel Fibre cable, to have a target burial depth of 2 metres beneath the seabed for maximum security and performance.

Besides terminating in Equinix LD4 and PA7, the CrossChannel Fiber cable system will also be connected to the Interxion Paris Digital Park (Interxion PAR3/5), and many neighbouring cable systems to extend its capacity beyond the UK and France, and to other locations in Europe and further afield.