Crosslake Fibre announced on Tuesday its newest subsea cable project, CrossChannel Fibre. The historic, next-generation 550km cable is the first fibre-optic subsea cable to be built across the English Channel in nearly twenty years and will connect Slough, United Kingdom and Paris, France. This new subsea cable is designed to support the increase in bandwidth requirements from telecoms, enterprises, content providers, as well as financial, gaming, and media companies that require high capacity, low latency connectivity. The high fibre count, non-repeatered system will contain 96 fibre pairs, each providing over 20 terabits per second of capacity throughput, and will be ready for service in the fall of 2021.

The CrossChannel Fibre project features: 

  • The first next-generation subsea cable to be built across the English Channel in nearly 20 years
  • High fiber count ( 96 fibre pairs) and the shortest path between London and Paris
  • Contract-In-Force (CIF) with EGS to perform the marine survey
  • Additional funding from Tiger Infrastructure Partners

CrossChannel Fibre


To support this project, Crosslake Fibre has engaged EGS to undertake the marine and burial surveys for the project.  Crosslake Fibre has placed the marine survey contract into force and survey activities have commenced. The marine survey is an essential milestone in the development of subsea projects. EGS will conduct geophysical and geotechnical surveys that will enable an optimized route design

CrossChannel Fibre infrastructure has been optimized to create the shortest path between the two data hubs, providing users with an enhanced technical solution and materially lowering operating costs.  With the continued increase in bandwidth demand further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, subsea cables have never been more critical to the functioning of the backbone of the Internet. 

In addition, Crosslake Fibre’s capital partner, Tiger Infrastructure Partners, has invested additional capital into the Crosslake platform to support the  CrossChannel Fibre system and advance the growth and development of new projects.

Crosslake Fibre is a developer and operator of telecommunications networks in North America and Western Europe. Their innovative approach to fibre-optic development is focused on providing wholesale, enterprise, and financial customers with physically diverse, low-latency connectivity over next-generation networks. 

Crosslake Fibre has developped the Crosslake Fibre project, a high fibre count (192 cores) cable connecting US to Canada via Lake Ontario, and is working on the WALL-LI project which spans 125km connecting Wall, New Jersey to Long Island, New York with a new high-count fiber-optic cable that provides diversity around NYC, and the Maple Leaf Fibre from Montréal to Toronto.