According to Interxion, Crosslake Fibre will enable direct interconnection from Interxion's Paris Campus to the CrossChannel Fibre System, which is expected to be operational by the end of the 2021.

Interxion's Paris campus is one of the world's leading digital business hubs comprising seven data centres, and is currently undergoing major expansion with the construction of the Interxion Paris Digital Park, which will have access to up to 85 megawatts (“MW”) of customer available power and will accommodate four data centres spanning a total of approximately 40,000 square metres of equipped space. The first data centre on the site will be Interxion’s eighth data centre in Paris (“PAR8”). PAR8 is being constructed in three phases, delivering, in aggregate, 9,600 square metres of equipped space and 19 MW of customer available power when fully built out. The first phase of PAR8, which is expected to provide approximately 3,200 square metres, is scheduled to open in late 2021. The capital expenditure associated with PAR8, excluding land and other shared costs for the site, is expected to be approximately €207 million.

Adjacent to Interxion’s existing PAR7 facility, the Interxion Paris Digital Park will benefit from the high levels of network connectivity at the company’s seven existing data centres across Paris, all of which are inter-connected.

The Interxion Paris Digital Park will provide a landing point for subsea cables, such as the CrossChannel Fibre System, that will help businesses interact more easily between the UK and mainland Europe. Interxion customers in all Paris data centres will be able to interconnect seamlessly to the CrossChannel Fibre System following its anticipated activation by the end of 2021.

The CrossChannel Fibre System is the first new subsea cable to be built across the English Channel in nearly twenty years, providing users with an ultra low latency and geographically diverse interconnection between Paris and the UK.

The CrossChannel Fibre System is a high fibre count, repeaterless system, containing 96 fibre pairs, each providing over 20Tbps of capacity. The CrossChannel Fibre System will provide the shortest path between Paris and the UK. In addition, the system follows a new, physically separate route from Paris to the UK.

The CrossChannel Fibre System's enhanced technical solution will lower operating costs, bringing significant added value to Digital Realty's global platform PlatformDIGITAL® and enabling connected data communities across the globe.