Lumen announced its investment in a fiber pair on the Grace Hopper cable system, between New York and Bude, Cornwall in the UK. Lumen is the landing partner for Google's private Grace Hopper cable system, offers landing facilities at the Bellport Cable Landing Station in New York and the Bude Cable Landing Station in Cornwall, the UK.

Grace Hopper Cable System


In addition to the Grace Hopper cable system, Lumen utilized Google's Dunant cable system to add a on-net route between the US and France in 2021. The Dunant cable system connects Virginia Beach in the U.S. with Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez on the French Atlantic coast. 

"Data flow and capacity demands don't know boundaries. The bandwidth explosion across continents is real and we're meeting it head on by investing in new subsea cables," said Laurinda Pang, Lumen president of global customer success. "The Grace Hopper system is part of Lumen and Google's long history of collaboration. Together, we're building communications infrastructures for secure and reliable delivery of digital enterprise and consumer services around the world. We are pleased to be using our landing stations at these locations, and excited to add another end-to-end intercontinental connection to the Lumen network – one of the most deeply peered networks in the world."

With Dunant and Grace Hopper, Lumen is significantly increasing network capacity and diversity to form a comprehensive trans-Atlantic subsea portfolio with six on-net routes.

Grace Hopper will be active and ready to deliver services in October.