According to Telxius, Google's Grace Hopper submarine cable connecting the United States with the United Kingdom and Spain has landed at Telxius' Sopelana cable landing station in Bilbao and will be connected to the Derio Communications Hub, also located near Bilbao and operated by Telxius/Telefonica.

Grace Hopper is an advanced subsea cabling system equipped with 16 fiber pairs that connects the United States with the United Kingdom and Spain. It is the first cable financed by Google to reach Spain and is named after the American computer and military scientist who is considered a pioneer in the world of programming.

Specifically, Google’s submarine cable has 16 pairs of fibers and includes a fiber switching technology, which makes sure to send data without slowdowns or outages. The submarine cable will increase the speed and flexibility of the network. This will improve Google’s services focused on the business landscape and much of the telecommunications infrastructure across Europe.

Telxius has been collaborating with Google on several submarine cable projects, including Dunant, JuniorTannat and Grace Hopper.

Telxius has also cooperated with Facebook and Microsfot to land their MAREA cable system at the Sopelana cable landing station in Bilbao.