The first transatlantic submarine cable system, TAT-1, went into service on 25 September 1956. From then on, there have been the TAT series of transatlantic submarine cable systems, until the latest one TAT-14.

The TAT-8 was the first transatlantic fiber-optic submarine cable, constructed in 1988, connecting the United States, the United Kingdom and France. The TAT-8 cable system contained two working fiber pairs and one fiber pair reserved as a spare. The signal on each optical fiber was modulated at 295.6 Mbit/s (carrying 20 Mbit/s of traffic).

Currently, most of the TAT series of submarine cable systems have been out of service, except for the TAT-14.

List of transatlantic cables connecting Amercia and Europe. 

System  Year (RFS)
Atlantic Crossing 1 (AC-1 1998
Columbus III 1999
Atlantic Crossing 1 (AC-2 2000
Yellow /AC-2 2000 
TAT-14 2001 
Flag Atlantic 1 (FA-1) 2001 
GTT Atlantic 2001 
TGN Atlantic 2001 
Apollo 2003 
GTT Express 2015 
AEC-1 2016 
MAREA 2018 
AEC-2/Havfrue 2020 
Dunant 2021 
Grace Hopper 2022 
Amitié 2022