The Australia-Japan Cable System (AJC Cable System) is a submarine cable directly connecting Australia and Japan, via Guam. The AJC cable system has a design capability up to 2.56 Tbit/s, enabling further upgrades as required. The AJC cable system was ready for service on 30 December 2001, with a design life to 2026.


System Profile

Cable System:

  • Australia-Japan Cable, AJC

Cable Length:

  • 12,700 Km
  • 7200 Km Sydney-Guam (transmission latency of 36 ms)
  • 4000 Km Guam-Japan ( transmission latency of 20 ms)
  • Sydney-Japan round trip delay (RTD) of 112 ms

Design Capacity:

Lit Capacity:

Ready for Service Date:

  • December 30, 2001

Investment Type::

  • Private

Initial Investment:

  • US$ 340 million (JPY 36 billion)


  • Australia-Japan Cable

Landing Stations:



About Australia Japan Cable:

Australia Japan Cable is a private cable company established in 2000 to design, construct, market and operate the Australia Japan Cable Network (AJCN) from Sydney, Australia, to near Tokyo, Japan, via Guam. The AJC group holding company, Australia Japan Cable Holdings Limited is owned by:

  • Communications Global Network Services Limited (formerly Concert)
  • NTT Communications Corporation
  • SOFTBANK Telecom Corp. (formerly Japan Telecom)
  • Telstra Holdings (Bermuda) No. 1 Limited
  • Worldcom Global Networks Limited