Submarine cables form the very backbone of the internet, by facilitating the world’s connectivity as over 98% of all data and voice communications traverse along this ocean-spanning critical network infrastructure. 

Rapid technological advancements such as 4G and 5G mobile networks, the introduction of new data-intensive applications like 4K & 8K streaming video/TV, the rising popularity of social media platforms, and the escalating adoption of cloud computing underpin the importance of the global submarine cable network; transmitting light across the oceans to enable the world to function in today’s fast-moving, data-driven global digital economy.

As India is rapidly developing to become one of the world’s most important economic powerhouses, the nation will need to rely on this undersea infrastructure to satisfy the insatiable demand for international bandwidth. India’s geographical location, positioned between South East Asia and Europe coupled with it’s vast population creates an opportunity for new submarine cable investment to further propel India into the next generation business ecosystem, and enable its development as a key regional ICT hub. This mammoth task requires the handful of submarine cable network providers to possess industry-rich expertise, cutting-edge technology and an appetitie to work in the depths of the most hostile environment on the planet. 

Huawei Marine founded in 2008, maintains a leading position in this domain, offering robust, cost-effective high-speed submarine network systems throughout the globe. Having partnered with a broad spectrum of blue-chip telecommunication organisations, the team of 400 highly skilled professionals has delivered 80 submarien cable projects, spanning 68 countries touching almost every  region and every continent. The joint venture company was conceived to drive much-needed industry innovation by combining the optical transmission and telecommunications expertise of parent companie’s Huawei Technologies Ltd, and the marine engineering and installation vessels of Global Marine Systems Ltd (UK).

As a technology driven company, the success of Huawei Marine is underpinned by their focus on investment in research and development. Huawei Marine’s R&D team comprises approximately 30 percent of their employees, who are tasked with developing new technology and an innovation-driven approach to changing the way of doing things. “I think our differentiation goes beyond our products and our technology, and rests within our people and our culture” states Mike Constable, Chief Executive of Huawei Marine. “We have a talented, extremely motivated team who thrive on challenges and achieving the impossible. That energy and dedication is a unique asset that cannot be quantified or easily replicated.”

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