Huawei Marine Networks announces that the number of their contracts into force accumulatively reaches over 100, including new build and upgrade projects. In 2019, it has gained 12 contracts, and its annual performance shows a noticeable growth in the recent years. Meanwhile, HMN has applied qualified 16 fiber-pair SDM repeaters as a pioneer and utilized WSS ROADM Branch Unit and Open Cable system in commercial cases.


HMN Track Record
(2009-2019, HMN Track Record: 104 Projects)


Based the accumulative number of projects, HMN has gained exactly 104 contracts since it established. The latest one HMN gained in 2019 is Hainan – Hong Kong Submarine Cable System, a new build project in China connecting Hong Kong SAR and Hainan Province with branch to Guangdong Province. The cable deploys the latest 16 fiber-pair SDM repeater, improving the system capacity and optimizing its performance. HMN also applies Open Cable system and 200G coding technology in many projects, like Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE Cable System). The pioneer applications provide matured cases for its customers and make progress of technology innovation for the subsea industry.

The contracts HMN are awarded in 2019 are worldwide and of various solutions.  They include the repeatered system for longer-length cases in Africa, and as well the unrepeatered projects building a national backbone network for island countries in Asia. These customized solutions do and will embrace the customers’ requirement, and bring the commercial success to customers.