Tianjin, April 12th, 2021 – HMN Tech announced that it has launched an industry-first 18kV power feeding solution in submarine cable systems worldwide. This significant development offers a 20% voltage increase compared to a more traditional 15kV standard solution. To integrate into an 18 kV repeatered submarine cable system, HMN Tech has fully tested and qualified the full range of SDM (Space Division Multiplexing) wet plants.

After the advent of high fibre count or SDM systems, 15 kV power feeding voltage is a legacy limitation that no longer provides sufficient energy for 16 or more fibre pairs, long-span transoceanic systems. Increasing voltage power offers improved system’s functionality when integrated with HMN Tech’s qualified SDM wet plant product suite. System operators now have more superb choice and flexibility in system architecture, design, and network solutions.

HMN Tech has firstly completed the 18kV resistance qualification for all wet plants, including repeater, branching unit and submarine cable. HMN Tech has also improved branch unit’s remote hot switching for electrical power to 18 kV to enhance system’s fault recovery ability. Further, HMN Tech’s repeater and branching unit has been fully qualified to a higher industry standard of 20 kV in advance.

“The 18 kV power feeding solution launched today breaks the industry limitation and provides a robust, qualified alternative for our customers,” stated Ma Yanfeng, Executive Vice President. “HMN Tech is committed to advancing technological innovation, to proactively developing leading-edge products and network solutions, and to providing commercial value to our customers.”