Unity Cable System or EAC-Pacific is a 9620-km linear Trans-Pacific submarine cable system with direct cable route linking the U.S. and Japan. Unity represents a new type of consortium, born out of potentially competing systems, to emerge as a system within a system, offering ownership and management of individual fiber pairs.

Cable System:

  • Unity, EAC-Pacific

Cable Length:

  • 9,620 Km

Design Capacity:

  • 7.68 Tbps (initial)
  • Eight optical fiber pairs, each operating at 96x10 Gbps DWDM, upgraded to 7.4Tbps per FP in 2023.
  • Pacnet shares two dedicated fiber pairs to build their own trans-pacific system, named as EAC Pacific

Ready for Service Date:

  • April 1, 2010

Investment Type:

  • Consortium

Initial Investment:

  • US$ 300 million


  • Bharti Airtel
  • Global Transit
  • Google
  • KDDI Corp.
  • Pacnet
  • Singtel

Landing Stations:


  • NEC
  • Tyco Telecommunications

Unity Cable Map:

Unity Cable Map