July 27, 1995 -- The consortium of the TPC-5 Submarine Cable Network (TPC-5 CN) announced that service between Guam and Japan and between Hawaii and the U.S. mainland became available on the new TPC-5 CN.

Eventually linking the U.S. mainland with Hawaii, Guam and Japan in a loop configuration by the end of 1996, (including a link between diversely located cable landing stations in Japan and the U.S. mainland), the 21,584 kilometer TPC5-CN, has a design capacity of two fiber pair (one service pair and one restoration pair), each with a capacity of 5 Gbps.

The TPC5-CN will be the first submarine optic fiber cable system in the Pacific Ocean region to use state-of-the-art optical amplification, SDH technology and offers instantaneous, fiber-on-fiber restoration via the restoration fiber pair, in the event of a failure on the service pair. 

The third link between Hawaii and Guam, is scheduled for service on December 31, 1995, thereby completing the southern route of TPC-5 between Japan and the U.S. mainland. 

The northern link of the TPC-5 CN, which will be a direct link between Japan and the U.S. mainland, is scheduled to become operational one year later, on December 31, 1996, thereby completing the installation of the TPC-5 CN. 

The consortium of the TPC-5 CN include telecommunications carriers from Japan (KDD, IDC, ITJ), South Korea (KT and DACOM), Taiwan (ITDC), China (DGT), Vietnam (VTI) United Kingdom (BT), Germany (DTAG), France (FT) Brazil (EMBRATEL), Mexico (TELMEX) Canada (Teleglobe).


Source: MCI