Pacific Carriage Limited Inc. (“PCLI”), owner of the Southern Cross Cable Network in the USA and the US landing party for the Southern Cross NEXT cable (“SX NEXT”), announced on Tuesday (July 20) the landing of the Southern Cross NEXT cable (“SX NEXT”) at the HMB IX facility in Hermosa Beach, California.

PCLI is a Delaware corporation. PCLI and Southern Cross Cables Limited (“SCCL”) are the joint owners of the Southern Cross NEXT cable system, as well as the Southern Cross Cable Network(“SCCN”). SCCL is a Bermuda private limited company. PCLI and SCCL are legally independent entities, but with the same corporate ownership structure.

PCLI owns the portion of the wet segment of the U.S.-Australia Trunk in the U.S. territorial sea.

SCCL owns the wet segment of the U.S.-Australia Trunk beyond the territorial sea of any landing country, i.e., the trunk in international waters.

SCCL's local subsidiaries own the portions of the wet segment in the territorial sea of Australia, New Zealand. Fiji, Samoa, Tokelau, and Kiribati respectivily.

For more technical details about the SX NEXT, please visit Southern Cross NEXT Cable System Overview

SX NEXT will expand the capacity of USA to Oceania global connectivity by up to an additional 72 Tbps, providing the largest capacity, express route to ever link the United States with Australia and New Zealand. The increase is the equivalent to streaming more than 4.5 million 4K videos simultaneously or downloading the entire US Library of Congress in less than 1.5 seconds and represents a significant increase in international connectivity from current total market capability.

SX NEXT is expected to be completed in early 2022. Upon completion, SX NEXT will further enhance our existing Southern Cross fully diverse network and will increase interconnect options for key Oceania markets to major content hubs in the United States via an eco-system of 12 cable stations and 8 key data centre hubs in Australia and the United States, spanning 6 countries and 8 time zones, all interconnected by over 45,000 kilometres of cable.

PCL selected HMB IX as cable landing station for the SX NEXT, due to their expertise in delivering and managing submarine cable landings and cable landing stations, and their onward connectivity to our existing data centre locations in Los Angeles.

HMB IX is the owner and operator of carrier neutral submarine cable landing assets and the cable landing station facility in Hermosa Beach, California, with multiple dark fibre backhaul routes to extend its customers’ connectivity to downtown Los Angeles, California.

SX NEXT will form a third route in the Southern Cross network ecosystem connecting the United States with Australia, Fiji, Tokelau, Kiribati and New Zealand. Southern Cross currently provides the lowest latency links between Auckland and Los Angeles, and Sydney, and the addition of the SX NEXT route will further enhance the capability of these key routes.

SX NEXT will interconnect into Southern Cross’ existing data centre locations in Los Angeles (Equinix LA1 and CoreSite LA1) and Silicon Valley (Equinix SV1, Equinix SV8 and CoreSite SV1), and will also provide the United States’ first direct fibre optic cable link with Tokelau and Kiribati.