According to the FCC submarine cable landing license for the Jupiter cable system, Facebook will land its Oregon branch of the Jupiter cable system into an existing cable landing staion at Cloverdale, Oregon, the Pacific City CLS, which is owned by Microsoft Infrastructure Group, LLC (MIGL). Facebook owns two of the five fiber pairs on Jupiter's main trunk connecting Maruyama and Shima, Japan, with Hermosa Beach, California. Facebook wholly owns two fiber pairs on Jupiter's Oregon branch, landing into the Pacific City CLS at Cloverdale, Oregon.

The Pacific City CLS was built for the landing of the New Cross Pacific (NCP) cable system. Microsoft is a member of the NCP cosortium and its landing party in the US. 

The Jupiter cable will land at Tierra Del Mar town in Tillamook County, about 1 mile north to the Pacific City CLS. Facebook should have completed the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and manhole at Tierra Del Mar town landing site

As shown in the figure below, there are two vinicity cable landing stations and landing sites. NCP and Jupiter colocate at the same station, Hawaiki cable system houses at the other station. The landing sites and beach manholes for NCP and Hawaiki are close to each other at the same beach, while Jupiter lands to their north at Tierra Del Mar town.

Cable Landing Stations in Pacific City
Cable Landing Stations in Pacific City


Microsoft isn't a member of the Jupiter consortium and doesn't own capacity in the Jupiter cable system. Edge USA, an subsidiary of Facebook and the landing party for Jupiter's Oregon landing, contracts with Microsoft Infrastructure Group,LLC (MIGL) which provides certain limited services that would not provide it with any ability to affect significantly JUPITER’soperation. Edge USA constructs beach manhole and bore pipes from the landing point to the Pacific City CLS. Under the contemplated agreement, Edge secures long-term rights from MIGL for collocation space for power feed equipment in MIGL’s Pacific City CLS —space over which Edge USA has exclusive control. Edge USA ensures that the contemplated agreement has an initial 15-year term, with the option of two five-year extensions that may be exercised at Edge USA’s sole discretion, for a maximum term of 25 years. Edge USA has exclusive control over the power feed equipment locating in MIGL’s Pacific City CLS. Edge USA retains operational authority over the JUPITER landing facilities at the Pacific City CLS and provide direction to MIGL in all matters relating to JUPITER. The terminal equipment for all of JUPITER’s fiber pairs in the state of Oregon is installed at Flexential Brookwood Data Center.