According to CORPORATE IT, the Fondo de Infraestructura SA of Chile has selected H2 Cable LP, a subsidiary of BW Digital, as a strategic partner for the development of the Humboldt Cable System, the first submarine cable connecting Latin America with Asia-Pacific and Oceania.

With a projected extension of 14,810 km, the Humboldt Cable System will provide end-to-end connectivity between Valparaíso (Chile) and Sydney (Australia), where it will interconnect with other systems to Asia, and will include several branches for the possible connection of other countries and territories, such as Juan Fernández and Isla de Pascua, as well as New Zealand.

Humboldt Cable Route
Humboldt Cable Route


The partnership concludes the feasibility phase and begins the implementation phase, and constitutes a fundamental milestone for the project.

According to the contract, Desarrollo País -majority-owned by the Republic of Chile- and H2 Cable will jointly develop and promote the Humboldt Cable System and, depending on the market response, will make the necessary investment to build and operate the cable system. fiber optic.

The two entities have contracted with International Connectivity Services Ltd, the Hawaiki Group's service company, to finalize the system design, launch the contracting process, and contact potential key customers.

Patricio Rey Sommer, General Director of Country Development, said: “Today we are taking a fundamental step to advance in this project so relevant to our country. We decidedly entered the Humboldt Cable execution stage by selecting the high-level strategic partner that will accompany us in the development of this infrastructure that will put Chile in the leadership of digital connectivity worldwide. We have set ourselves the challenge of transforming Chile into a digital HUB for Latin America and that is why the cable will have the ability to connect other partner countries. We are convinced of the enormous capabilities of the partner we chose, which will allow us to carry out this project with high technical standards and safeguarding the interests of the State of Chile ”.

Remi Galasso, CEO of H2 Cable, described the Humboldt Cable System as a strategic initiative that will give a significant boost to international connectivity between South America, APAC and Oceania. “We see this project as an opportunity to establish a totally diverse new trans-Pacific link and, furthermore, to expand the communication capabilities of Chile and neighboring countries. We hope to work with Country Development in the construction of this critical infrastructure project, which will improve the digital economies of Latin America and APAC, ”he said.

Likewise, the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt, commented that “The Humboldt cable is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious projects of the last decades. We are talking about a strategic investment that puts us at the level of what the digital revolution demands and offers us enormous opportunities for the development of an industry with great potential in our country. We are sure that through this project we will expand competitive advantages and further promote investment interest in Chile. Along this path we will be able to expand the development of digital solutions such as the Data Center, Big Data and Machine Learning, which will imply multiple economic benefits that will have a direct impact on the quality of life of Chileans ”.

Meanwhile, the undersecretary of Telecommunications, Francisco Moreno, stated for his part that the choice of a strategic partner for the Humboldt project is a fundamental step for the deployment of the first submarine fiber optic cable that will connect Asia and Oceania with Chile. Latin America. In this way, we are getting closer and closer to the enormous challenge posed by the execution and deployment of this enormous network of more than 14 thousand kilometers in length, which will consolidate Chile as the Digital Hub of the region and which will significantly strengthen the development of the digital ecosystem and our 4.0 economy ”.