French Polynesian telecom operator ONATi, a subsidiary of the OPT French Polynesia Group, has selected Intelia and Ciena to increase the capacity of the Honotua international submarine cable to 300Gb/s and support an upgrade path to 5Tb/s of total capacity to rapidly address future growth.

The Honotua cable system is owned and operated by the OPT French Polynesia Group. It spans approximately 4,500km connecting several islands of French Polynesia from Tahiti to Hawaii. The Honotua cable system was deployed in 2009, with a single fiber pair on its international system between the Panenoo cable landing station in Tahiti and Hawaii, initially designed with 32x10 Gbps DWDM system.

Honotua cable system


In addition to the Honotua cable system, OPT Group operates the Manatua cable system which connects French Polynesia to Samoa, Niue and the Cook Islands. The Manatua cable system ready for service on 22 July 2020. 

The Honotua international cable was upgraded using Ciena’s GeoMesh Solution powered by the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform and WaveLogic Ai technology, providing 300Gb/s of information-carrying capacity and supporting an upgrade path to 5Tb/s of total capacity to rapidly address future growth.

The local expertise of the integrator Intelia and operator teams combined with Ciena’s innovative technology and unparalleled submarine network experience were critical to ensure the connectivity requirements for the Honotua international cable system.

OPT Group of French Polynesia is a government-owned company with 5 main subsidiaries. ONATi operates and delivers fixed line infrastructure and audio-visual services, is the Internet Service provider and the mobile operator; Tahiti Nui Telecoms former international operator is still hosting equipment such as satellites Teleport, Honotua and Manatua cable landing stations and now focusing on Data centers and services, sells computers and provides IT services; Fare Rata provides postal services; Marara Payment provides banking and financial services; Pacific Cash Services ensures cash transport management.