CUCN or China-US Cable Network is the first submarine cable system with direct cable routes linking the U.S. and China, reaching several countries in the Asia-Pacific region. CUCN offers the largest trans-pacific capacity as of its commencement of service.

System Profile

Cable System:

  • China-US Cable Network, China-US CN or CUCN

Cable Length:

  • 30,800 Km

Design Capacity:

    • 80 Gbps (four optical fiber pairs, each of 8x2.488 Gbps SDH over DWDM)
    • Constructed as a self-healing ring cable

Lit Capacity:

  • 80 Gbps

Ready for Service Date:

  • Jan. 10, 2000

Investment Type:

  • Consortium

Initial Investment:

  • US$ 1.4 billion


    • AT&T
    • China Telecom
    • Chungwa Telecom
    • Hong Kong Telecom
    • Kokusai Denshin Denwa (KDD)
    • Korea Telecom
    • MCI Communications Corp.
    • NTT
    • SBC Communications Inc.
    • Singapore Telecom
    • Sprint Corp.
    • Telekom Malaysia
    • Teleglobe USA
    • Telstra Corp

Landing Stations:


  • Tyco
  • NEC