China-US Cable Network (China-US CN, or CUCN) suffered its second cable cut off the coast of China within a month. This cable cut broke down most of the Internet bandwidth linking the U.S. and China. The break was occured at 21:13 on March, 9, 2001, at 123 Km away from Chongming Cable Landing Station, where the cable was buried under 32 m of sea level.

The full capacity of the cable has been disrupted in what is believed to have been an accident caused by a fishing boat dropping anchor. The cable can carry as much as 80 Gbps (bits per second) of data and is one of the major links between China and the U.S., where a preponderance of the world's Web servers are located.

UUNet Technologies, which leases five 155M bps connections from Hong Kong carrier Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), has had a full recovery of its connection after PCCW rerouted its capacity to another cable, said a spokeswoman for UUNET in Hong Kong.

Like the last break on Feb. 9, this one occurred off the Chinese coast near Shanghai, the UUNet spokeswoman said. The cable is designed to eventually have a second wing that will create a recoverable ring structure, but currently, service providers using the China-US Cable Network need to turn to other cables or backup satellite connections when it fails.

A break in the cable on Feb. 9 put a huge dent in Internet access for users in China. Asia's Internet connectivity depends on just a few submarine cables for the bulk of its Internet connectivity, leaving the region somewhat vulnerable to accidents.

This China-US cable cut broke down about 930 Mbps of Internet circuits linking the U.S. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and China Telecom, the monopoly fixed network and Internet service provider in China. The access to Yahoo, Miscrosoft, Hotmail and other ICQ and FTP services were almost broken down. Though China Telecom restored about 100 Mbps Internet circuits to Japan and the U.S. by March 13, and expected to turn up additional 250 Mbps ad-hoc restoration bandwidth via other cables and satellite, it's hard to get more.

As time being, the most important political events of China, the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) were going on. This China-US cable cut broke down the Internet traffic between China and the U.S., most of the medias suffered difficulties to get their news and pictures propagated. This was the first time Chinese (operators, the massive and the government) awaring of the importance of submarine cable systems and their connectivity to Internet worldwide.