Submarine Cable Networks amazingly ranked 75.278 in Vietnam in this year beginning, an unbelievable high rank by What is the matter? It perhaps owes to the recently AAG cable outage off Vietnam coast. While Vietnamese suffered the disrrupted and slower internet due to AAG cable outage, they were keen on information about AAG cable and searched more for AAG cable on Google, and rocketed the Alexa rank of Submarine Cable Networks. Ranked 75,278 in Vietnam

According to THE NEWS GATEWAY OF VIETNAM, users of the Vietnam's Internet service providers have been experiencing disruption or slower speed starting Friday night (Dec 20, 2013) as a submarine cable system was cut off Vung Tau's coast. The cut was identified on the AAG (Asia America Gateway) cable system connecting Vung Tau and Hong Kong at the position that is some 278km from Vung Tau's coast, FPT Telecom said in a statement released Saturday. The AAG cable outage affected some 60 percent of the Internet traffic of the Vietnamese Internet service providers, according to FPT Telecom. So far, the AAG cable repair is still on-going.

AAG Cable Map

AAG is a major internet cable for Vietnam ISPs. Since its ready for service in the end of 2009, there have been frequent cable outages on the AAG cable system, especially between the segments from Hong Kong to Singapore. Compared with other submarine cables in the same region, AAG cable seems much unstable. While the Vietnamese Vung Tau branch is the most fragile segment, frequently disrrupt Vietnam internet.

Vietnamese ISPs need to diversify their internet traffic. Going north towards the China-Vietnam terrestrial cables may be a stable alternative and backup solution.