June 15th, 2011, Hibernia Atlantic announces that the deep-sea submarine survey for Project Express cable is now underway, marking another important milestone to build its Project Express cable, the lowest latency transatlantic cable system connecting the greater New York City area with London with RTD of less than 60 milliseconds.


In early Jan 2011,  Hibernia Atlantic has received a US$ 250 million financing commitment from Huawei Marine Networks for the construction of Project Express.

The submarine survey is a critical step in the build of Project Express cable. Three specialist ships will be used to sail the exact planned route of the cable from Brean, England to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to ensure the chosen route free of obstacles and to assess the installation techniques to be used. 

Hibernia Atlantic is commencing with the survey now and accelerating to the next phase. The results of this survey will allow for Huawei Marine Networks to manufacture the cable to the exact requirements, accommodating the conditions of the seabed and ensuring its resiliency.

Project Express will be an essential route on Hibernia’s Global Financial Network (GFN).  The GFN currently unites hundreds of global banks and financial exchanges with a single connection and guaranteed 100% up-time SLAs. Built for the financial community, the GFN meets their demanding performance and reliability requirements. Project Express will further strengthen the GFN, reinforcing it as the fastest path across the Atlantic, with additional fast and secure links throughout North America, Europe and Asia.