According to capacity magazine news, Hibernia Networks has partnered with TE Subcom for the implementation of its Project Express Cable. Good news, the Project Express Cable can go ahead.


The Project Express Cable was toasted as the first to be deployed across the Atlantic in over a decade and the shortest cable route linking major financial centers London, UK, and New York, US. With financing support from its vendor Huawei Marine Networks, Hibernia Networks was able to build out the exceptional Project Express Cable in late 2010, with the state-of-the-air 40G and 100G technology. 

Due to irrational concerns from US administration on cyber security threat from China, Huawei Marine Networks was forced out and excluded as a vendor for the Project Express Cable. The project was suspended in earlier this year and  Hibernia Networks had to seek new vendor halfway through the project.

It is no worse for the submarine cable industry than the intervention of US administration to exclude an innovative system vendor. Fortunately, it is good that Project Express Cable survives.