Hibernia Networks announced on September 15 that Hibernia Express, its new 4,600km ultra low latency submarine cable connecting Halifax, Nova Scotia to Slough, England and Cork, Ireland, is ready for service (RFS).

The first transatlantic cable built in over 12 years, the Hibernia Express launch marks a milestone for global communications, addressing the strong demand for fast, high-performing global network services. According to TeleGeography, demand for bandwidth between North America and Europe is projected to increase 40% annually over the next six years driven by the surge in cloud computing, large data transfer and storage requirements.

“The Hibernia Networks team has demonstrated an unwavering commitment towards completing the first transatlantic subsea cable in over a decade and we are thrilled to announce its official launch,” states Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO of Hibernia Networks. “We are proud to have accomplished this transformational milestone, and more importantly, we are proud to deliver the lowest latency, highest performance capacity required to facilitate real-time access to information and content by the ever growing global communications community.”

The Hibernia Express cable features the most advanced cable infrastructure and optical transmission technologies, which enable performance capabilities superior to any existing transatlantic cable systems. Hibernia Express features optical transport services up to 100Gbps speeds and is capable of 200Gbps service on select segments.

The 6-fiber-pair cable is optimized for lowest latency performance, offering an unmatched roundtrip delay of sub-60 milliseconds on the New York to London route.

According to Telegeography, Hibernia Express features with RTD between Canada and the United Kingdom of approximately 45 milliseconds, which is more than 20 percent less than the next lowest latency cable, Atlantic Crossing-1 South (see Figure: Trans-Atlantic Latency by Cable)

 Trans-Atlantic Latency by Cable

Leveraging a state-of-the-art dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) platform, Hibernia Express is engineered to potentially scale up to 400Gbps per circuit and beyond, enabling customers to meet bandwidth requirements as they increase over time.

“Network latency has become a critical performance factor for financial firms, content providers, and web-based companies, among other industries, reliant on latency-sensitive applications to run their businesses,” states Alan Mauldin, Research Director at TeleGeography. “Hibernia Networks has designed the new Hibernia Express transatlantic cable to provide the lowest latency service between major financial and commercial centers in North America and Europe utilizing a more direct route and the latest generation optical technologies.

” Hibernia Express benefits numerous customer segments, including but not limited to those within the financial markets and media and broadcast industries, as well as web-centric companies and other telecommunication service providers.

In May 2015, Microsoft and Zayo Group signed on to Hibernia Express and were amongst the cable’s initial customers. 

Source: Hibernia Networks