Hibernia Networks announced that its new Hibernia Express transatlantic cable has an actual tested latency of better than 58.95ms (milliseconds) from New York to London, which is faster by more than half a millisecond off the original projected speed. 

The new 4,600km ultra low latency submarine cable is the first transatlantic cable build in over a decade.

Hibernia Express has undergone rigorous testing since its ready-for-service on September 15,2015. Testing parameters included power stability, spectral efficiency and latency. The results confirmed the latency on Hibernia Express from LD4 in Slough, England to NY4 in Secaucus, New Jersey to be under 58.95ms.

“Hibernia Networks is excited to announce that we not only have built the lowest latency transatlantic link connecting New York to London, but have also exceeded our original design goals with a tested latency of sub-58.95 milliseconds,” states Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO of Hibernia Networks. ”Our team, along with our key partner, TE SubCom, has worked tirelessly to ensure the Hibernia Express cable system provides our customers with unmatched capabilities.

The test results confirm that we are able to provide the lowest latency, highest capacity solutions to support the business objectives of our customers.” Service turn-up on Hibernia Express has already been successfully completed for customers who pre-ordered Ultra-Low latency services on the new system.

The six-fiber-pair cable features optical transport services up to 100Gbps and is optimized for lowest latency performance making it the solution for customers across various segments including financial markets, media and broadcast industries, web-centric companies and telecommunications providers.

“According to our tracking of the transatlantic subsea cable systems, the new Hibernia Express cable offers improved latency performance of more than 20 percent on the subsea segment compared to the next fastest cable system connecting the North American and European continents,” states Alan Mauldin, Research Director at TeleGeography.

In a white paper produced by TeleGeography discussing the importance of network latency, it is stated that “latency has become a critical performance factor for financial firms, content providers, and cloud computing providers. The reduction in latency can improve performance, and even improve profitability and increase sales for some customers.”

Source: Hibernia Networks