According to the  Portugal Business News, Google will extend its transatlantic Nuvem subsea cable system to the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal that is around 1,400 km west of Lisbon.

The Azores are currently linked to the mainland Portugal via Altice’s Columbus-III Azores-Portugal system and CAM Ring. The trans-atlantic segment of the COLUMBUS-III cable system was decommissioned in December 2020, with its COLUMBUS-III Azores-Portugal portion connecting Lisbon and Azores Island remaining service.

In addition to Google's Nuvem subsea cable, Infraestruturas de Portugal is building a New CAM Ring (also known as Ancel CAM) subsea cable to connect the Azores with Madeira and the Continent, expected to go live in 2026.

Google announced to build the trans-atalantic Nuvem submarine cable in 2023, to link Portugal Bermuda, and the United States. And Nuvem is named after the Portuguese word for “cloud”.

The Nuvem cable system will be privately owned by Google, supplied by SubCom.

The Nuvem cable system will be designed with 16 fiber pairs, and 24 Tbps per fiber for a system capacity of 384Tbps. It will improve network resiliency across the Atlantic and will help establish its landing locations in Portugal as a digital hub.