Telxius announced recently that Telxius has established a key point of presence in QTS’ Richmond mega data center, responding to increasing demand for high capacity and low latency connectivity to Europe and South America via the new MAREA - BRUSA sea cables. MAREA and BRUSA cables terminate in the new Virginia Beach Cable Landing Station (VBCLS). QTS Richmond is the closest Tier 3 designed data center to the VBCLS. QTS Richmond mega data center is connected to its new Ashburn data center with direct fiber routes. Telxius has extended MAREA - BRUSA cables to Equinix DC2.

MAREA and BRUSA are two of the highest capacity, lowest latency subsea cable systems ever built. MAREA is a Telxius joint project with Facebook and Microsoft. It has reached 200Tbps of ultrahigh transmission capacity that keeps growing and is the highest capacity subsea cable system across the Atlantic connecting Virginia (US) and Sopelana (Spain).

BRUSA is a private cable built by Telxius and offers one of the lowest latency communication links between the U.S. and Brazil. Together, these cables provide state-of-the-art connectivity to enable the development of next generation cloud services and content distribution to and from European and Latin American markets.

Telxius extends MAREA and BRUSA to QTS Richmond Data Center
Telxius extends MAREA and BRUSA to QTS Richmond Mega Data Center


MAREA and BRUSA cables terminate in the new Virginia Beach Cable Landing Station (VBCLS) located in Telxius’ Virginia Beach distribution hub. Telxius is responsible for the operation of the MAREA and BRUSA cables and leverages its IP, capacity, colocation and security services through it, and extends the backhaul capacity via a high availability multi-homed point of presence in QTS’ Richmond mega data center.

QTS Richmond is the closest Tier 3 designed data center to the MAREA and BRUSA cables' Virginia Beach Cable Landing Station. Telxius's key PoP will enable QTS to provide enterprises and hyperscalers with the highest on-net capacity and lowest latency for the entire MAREA-BRUSA cable system. In addition, QTS’ mega data centers in Richmond and Ashburn, VA. feature diverse connectivity for cloud and hybrid colocation including carrier-neutral cloud interconnection (Megaport and PacketFabric), multiple fiber routes, third party neutral internet peering exchanges and direct access to leading cloud ecosystems. This is particularly strategic for international organizations looking for the best route to and from Richmond and other markets with QTS data centers. Richmond continues to be an attractive destination for enterprises, including Bank of America’s recently expanded operations in Henrico County and Facebook’s construction of a two million square foot data center adjacent to QTS in White Oak Technology Park.

“The Virginia Beach cable landing has catapulted Richmond as a destination for enterprises and hyperscalers seeking access to and savings from these ultra-high capacity and low latency international cable systems,” said Chad Williams, CEO. “Telxius’ presence in our Richmond mega data center combined with direct fiber routes to our new Ashburn data center, establishes QTS as the nexus for high performance hybrid colocation and hyperscale solutions.”

QTS’ mega scale Richmond data center encompasses a 1.3 million square foot facility on a 220-acre campus with more than 400 megawatts of expansion capability.  The existing facility features more than 500,000 square feet of raised floor capacity which provides a wide range of IT infrastructure services including significant capacity optimized for hyperscale and hybrid colocation. 

“We are very pleased to establish Telxius’ presence in QTS’ mega-scale Richmond data center as it creates numerous business possibilities for enterprises and hyperscalers with international interests,” said Guillermo Canete, Senior Network Planning Director, Telxius. “We aim at effectively connecting BRUSA and MAREA to the main data centers in the world and this Tier 3 data center space, the closest of its kind to the MAREA and BRUSA landing station in Virginia Beach fits in perfectly with our plans”.

QTS recently opened its new mega data center in Ashburn, Va. The new facility is the first three-story data center in Ashburn and features approximately 180,000 square feet of data center space, 12 column free data halls, and up to 32 megawatts of critical power optimized for enterprise, hyperscale, and build-to-suit solutions.

Source: Telxius