In the latest years Marseille has become one of the key Mediterranean data hubs. The exponential increase in demand for data in Africa, Middle East and Asia has attracted data center providers and operators to establish this area as one of their key connectivity hubs for all the traffic into and out of the European region.

MAREA, the highest capacity submarine cable to ever cross the Atlantic, lands in the north of Spain (Bilbao) and connects to the most important European backbones reaching the most relevant connectivity hubs including Marseille.

Marea Cable Reaches Marseille

MAREA, built in partnership with Microsoft and Facebook, provides a diverse route, much farther south than other transatlantic cables, for all the traffic going through the European hubs, providing customers with more security and flexibility in their communications.

MAREA is connected on the other side of the Atlantic to Virginia Beach, another important connectivity hub due to the dense concentration of data centers in the Ashburn area. With links to these two key points and joining at Virginia with Telxius’ latest submarine project, BRUSA (Virginia Beach – Rio de Janeiro) makes MAREA one of the most relevant paths for transatlantic communications.

Telxius has participated in the recent edition of Subsea EMEA 2018 at Marseille, where Enrique Valdés, our Northern Region Sales VP, gave an update about the MAREA project.

Furthermore, Telxius has an IP PoP at Marseille, offering Tier 1 IP Transit service.

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Source: Telxius