Hibernia Atlantic announced on November 8, 2011 that the first 100G transatlantic trial had been successfully completed over a connection between Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada and Southport, England, with a disctance of 5,570 km. Huawei Technologies and Huawei Marine Networks were the partners and euiqpment suppliers for the 100G transatlantic trial.

This 100G transatlantic trial was performed on the Hibernia Atlantic Submarine Cable Sysem which consists of dual transatlantic submarine cable routes each of about 6000 km. 

This 100G transatlantic test was historic in nature, marking the highest capacity connection ever transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean. The success of this 100G transatlantic  trial is allowing the companies to move forward on their aggressive deployment schedule, including 100 Gbps connections between Halifax and Montreal and between Amsterdam and London by Q1 2012, followed by other key routes later in the year.

The 100G transatlantic trial involved Huawei’s latest 100 Gbps single wavelength coherent technology, which utilizes innovative Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms and next generation Forward Error Correction (FEC) enabling high capacity transport across a distance of more than 5000 km. The 100G transatlantic trial has successfully demonstrated long-term, error-free transmission at 100Gbps across Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, transmission with existing Huawei 40 Gbps wavelengths at 50 GHz spacing was achieved, allowing for a smooth and seamless bandwidth upgrade. Huawei also successfully demonstrated co-propagation of 100 Gbps wavelengths at 50 GHz spacing which enables future upgrades of Hibernia Atlantic Submarine Cable Sysem capacities up to 5 Tbps. 

Addition to this cooperation between Hibernia Atlantic and Huawei Marine Networks, the companies are deploying Project Express, the first transatlantic fiber optic cable with the shortest round trip delay (RTD) of less than 60 ms between London and New York.