According to Ciena, Bulk Fiber Networks is deploying Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme submarine network solution that leverages Ciena’s 6500 Submarine Line Terminating Equipment (SLTE) on its first submarine cable system, the Havfrue cable system, to deliver virtual fiber pairs and spectrum sharing  products and services. Bulk Fiber Networks establishes the Nordic Gateway with the operation of the Havfrue cable system.

The Havfrue cable system comprises a 6-fiber-pair main trunk connecting Wall New Jersey (NJFX), USA to the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark, a 6-fiber-pair Ireland branch landing in County Mayo, Ireland, and a 2-fiber-pair Norway branch connecting Kristiansand, Norway, with a total cable length of 7,851km.


Havfrue Cable Route


The Havfrue cable system was designed with an initial system capacity of 108 Tbps, i.e., 18Tbps per fiber pair, delivering 72.5 ms RTD on its main trunk between Wall New Jersey, USA and Esbjerg, Denmark.

The Havfrue cable system has been ready for service since early December 2020.

The Havfrue cable system is the first direct link between the Nordics and USA in 20 years, the first ever to directly connect USA with Norway, and the first investment on international submarine cable system. As the landing party in Norway, Bulk Fiber Networks owns 1 fiber pair on the main trunk, and exclusively all the two fiber pairs on its branch to Norway. 

The Nordic region has become a key strategic location for many major ISPs, webscalers, and wholesale operators. With its first submarine cable system ready for service, Bulk Fiber Networks establishes its Nordic Gateway, offers network resiliency and low operational costs, while bringing sustainable infrastructure to a global audience.

Deploying Ciena and rolling out managed spectrum services helps Bulk Fiber Networks enhance its Nordic fiber infrastructure and meet large-scale data transport needs now and for the future. 

Ciena’s Spectrum Sharing submarine network infrastructure will enable Bulk Fiber Networks to provide tailored virtual fiber pairs to individual customers while delivering significant flexibility and agility. Bulk Fiber Networks can adapt its network as connectivity demands change by using Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme submarine network solution that leverages Ciena’s 6500 Submarine Line Terminating Equipment.

With Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme submarine network solution, Bulk Fiber Networks can benefit from a network that is dynamic, programmable, and able to adapt to changing demands.