According to Equinix, EllaLink has collaborated with Equinix to deliver EllaLink cable system at Equinix's data centers—SP4 in São Paulo, LS1 in Lisbon and MD2 in Madrid, delivering high capacity and low latency solutions between data centers in Brazil, Portugal and Spain.

EllaLink Cable Connects Equinix Data Centers
EllaLink Cable Connects Equinix Data Centers SP4, LS1 and MD2


EllaLink cable system is the first-ever high-capacity subsea cable between Latin America and Europe, with 4 fiber pairs each capable of delivering 25Tbps of capacity, spaning approximately 5,900 km from Sines in Portugal to Fortaleza in Brazil, landing at Fortaleza Cable Landing Station operated by Telxius and Sines Tech data center.

EllaLink cable system provides high-capacity and low latency solution for connectivity between Latin America and Europe.

Compared to routes previously transiting through North Americam, EllaLink cable system delivers a 50% reduce in latency and increase in network performance between data centers in Brazil, Portugal and Spain. Low latency is a critical factor for content providers, cloud companies and financial firms, where a delay of a few milliseconds can impact the profitability of trading operations.

Spain and Portugal are important gateways to Brazil and the rest of South America for many European markets. As the capital of PortugalLisbon is at the center of industry, government and commerce. It represents an important international connectivity hub, with subsea cables connecting the Iberian Peninsula from Lisbon to Africa and South AmericaSpain is also an essential hub on the global connectivity map due to its physical location between Africa, Mediterranean Europe and Northern Europe, and its strong cultural connection to Latin America. 5G deployments, the ongoing tech boom and growth in the use of data, telecom subscriptions and internet connections between the two continents are increasing bandwidth capacity requirements.