Telxius has announced to join force with Orange on Dunant cable system, to provide each other with terrestrial backhaul extensions in France and in the US. Orange also announced to collaborate with Telxius to offer co-location services for Google’s trans-Atlantic Dunant cable project, to provide and operate mutual terrestrial backhaul extensions at their respective Cable Landing Stations in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, France, and Virginia Beach in the US.

From Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez Orange will enable terrestrial connection to Telxius up to Paris, while Telxius will connect Orange to Ashburn from Virginia Beach. Following the deal, Orange and Telxius will effectively provide multi-terabit capacity on the Europe-US route.

The Dunant submarine cable system is a 6,400km submarine cable connecting Virginia Beach in the United States to the French Atlantic coast, Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez. The Dunant is one of the 14 subsea cables invested by Google, and is boasted as Google's 2nd private subsea cable following its Curie cable system. The Duant cable system will be the first ever in-service undersea cable featuring a 12 fiber-pair Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) design, to deliver record-breaking capacity of 250Tbps across the Atlantic.

In 2018, Orange announced its collaboration with Google on the Dunant submarine cable system. As the landing partner in France, Orange will build and operate the landing station on the French Atlantic coast and provide the backhaul service to Paris. In parallel, Orange will benefit from fiber-pairs on Duant cable system, with a capacity of more than 30Tbp/s per pair. 

According to Google, Google France has contracted with Orange to be the landing party in France. A landing party agreement governs the relationship between Google France and Orange and provides that, upon completion of Dunant, Google France will convey to Orange ownership of the portion of the Dunant cable system that extends 12 nautical miles from the shores of France. Orange will then grant Google France an IRU for the same portion of the Dunant cable system. Further, Orange will receive an IRU for two fiber pairs for the entire length of the Dunan cable system

According to Telxius, the collaboration agreement between Telxius and Orange confirms its commitment to provide the best services to its partners and customers, offering the latest technology, diverse routes and best latency

Telxius lands its private cable BRUSA at the Virginia Beach Cable Landing Station (CLS), Telxius also partners with Microsoft and Facebook to land MAREA cable system at the Virginia Beach Cable Landing Station (CLS). Telxius has established backhual extensions from the Virginia Beach Cable Landing Station (CLS) to Equinix DC2QTS’ Richmond Mega Data Center, NJFX CLS in Wall, etc.

The collaboration with Orange confirms Telxius' commitment to provide the best services to our partners and customers, offering the latest technology, diverse routes and best latency, by the combination of existing MAREA cable system and the Dunant cable system to puts Telxius in an excellent position in the strategic Europe – US route.