EXA Infrastructure announced it has added a fifth transatlantic route to its network footprint with the addition of the Dunant cable, connecting the US and Europe via a southern corridor across the Atlantic.

This new route complements EXA’s existing cables connecting Paris and Bordeaux in France to the large data centre clusters of Virginia Beach, Richmond and Ashburn in the US. This new route offers excellent diversity from other transatlantic cables as well as connecting to EXA’s extensive European backbone onwards to Madrid, Barcelona and Marseille via differentiated routes.

EXA said the addition of the Dunant cable is 400G and spectrum ready, which accelerates its mission to become the undisputed pan-European and transatlantic data centre to data centre connectivity provider.

Prior to the addition of Dunant cable, EXA and Bulk Fiber Networks have entered into a strategic partnership including the Havfrue subsea cable connecting the US to Norway and Denmark into EXA’s extensive European backbone. The Havfrue subsea cable is the only system serving the northern corridor today and is the first transatlantic system ever to connect into Norway. The system became ready for service in 2020, spanning 7851 kilometres, with a system capacity of more than 144 Tbps and a trunk cable connecting New Jersey to Esbjerg on the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark.  The Havfrue cable enables a new diversified route starting in the US at New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX), directly linking Bulk’s N01 data centre campus in Kristiansand, Norway, and extending to Esbjerg, Denmark.

The transatlantic is the largest subsea market globally and with the anticipated growth in the market. EXA is uniquely positioned to provide its customers with the greatest choice of diversity and availability across five transatlantic routes, including Dunant, Havfrue, EXA North, EXA South and EXA Express.

EXA continues to invest and expand its network to meet the increasing connectivity demands of today and forecasted for the future.  

EXA Global Network
EXA Global Network, Image courtesy: EXA Infrastructure