Altibox Carrier has awarded the subsea installation contract for the Skagenfiber West cable between Larvik and Hirtshals to the Norwegian company Cecon Contracting. Cecon will contract and use Normand Cutter as the main installation vessel.

According to Chief Technology Officer of Altibox Carrier, Atle Soma, the survey of the seabed corridor has been completed recently, everything is now set to install the Skagenfiber West cable this summer and expect to deliver connectivity for commercial customers in Q4, 2020.

The Skagenfiber West system is a 170km cable with new landing stations being constructed in Hirtshals (Denmark) and Larvik (Norway). The cable has 48 passive fibre-pairs designed to transport over 40 Tbit/s per fibre pair, for a total capacity of 1920 Tbit/s.

On the Norwegian side, the cable connects into Altibox' extensive national fibre network allowing for low latency connectivity to any of the major data centre locations, such as Stavanger, Rjukan and Oslo.

In Denmark, the cable will be extended by Altibox Carrier's new international network, achieving POP to POP connectivity between major hubs.

The new cable will provide the lowest-latency alternative from Oslo to major European interconnection points such as Esbjerg, Hamburg and Amsterdam, creating true diversity from Sweden where most of the traffic to and from Norway transits today.

Altibox Carrier is building the NO-UK subsea cable, and plans to build the Skagenfiber East cable between Rygge (Norway) and Skagen (Denmark).

Altibox Carrier's fiber network across Europe
Altibox Carrier's fiber network across Europe