In December 2019, Altibox acquired 100% of shares in Skagenfiber AS and their projected fiber optic cable between Norway and Denmark and thus completes the international Euroconnect-1 ring announced earlier this month. Skagenfiber, once live towards the end of 2020, will attract an international clientele of data centre operators and telecom carriers, further enhancing Norway’s appeal as a digital host nation.

The Skagen Fiber cable stretches 170km from Hirtshals on the northern coast of Denmark to Larvik on the southern coast of Norway with onwards connections to the data centre hub of the Oslo region, also know as Skagen Fiber West. The Skagen Fiber cable system consists of 48 fiber pairs, with system capacity up to 1920Tbps, to be ready for service in 2020.  

Altibox is also building the NO-UK subsea cable between Stavanger in Norway and Newcastle in England, to be ready for service in 2021 and offer up to 216Tbps of system capacity. 

There is a significant requirement for high capacity fiber connections between Norway and mainland Europe. The combination of the two subsea cables, the NO-UK cable system and the Skagen Fiber cable system, will in their robustness and combined capacity meet the ever-increasing demands for first class digital infrastructure in Norway. More than that, they will connect Norwegian businesses to the world and significantly increase the attractiveness of Norway as a digital host nation to international data centres.

Altibox, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lyse group, is best known for providing internet and entertainment services to Norwegian and Danish households, has 48% of the fibre market in Norway.

Upon the acquisition of the Skagen Fiber cable system, Altibox will further strengthen and enhance the new, international Euroconnect-1 fiber ring digital infrastructure.

The Skagen Fiber cable system and the NO-UK subsea cable system will significantly strengthens capacity between Norway and mainland Europe and offer sorely needed diversity as regards data traffic in and out of Norway.


Altibox Carrier's fiber network across Europe
Altibox Carrier's fiber network across Europe, EUROCONECT-1