The UK-based IOEMA Fibre Ltd. (IOEMA Fibre) announced Wednesday to build a state-of-the-art, high-capacity, 1400 km repeatered IOEMA submarine fibre optic project that will arc across five key northern European markets – the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

The IOEMA cable system consists of a trunk route, connecting Dumpton Gap, UK with Kristiansand, Norway and three branches, connecting Eemshaven, The Netherlands; Wilhelmshaven, Germany; and Blaabjerg, Denmark.



The cable connects with vital transatlantic crossings Havfrue (DK), Leif Erikson (NO) and other planned Trans-Atlantic cables.

The IOEMA system will be the first submarine fibre optic cable landing on the North Sea shores of Germany in over 25 years. After decommissioning of TAT-14, SEA-ME-WE 3 and others, the IOEMA cable system will be the only cable system connecting Germany to the submarine cable networks in the North Sea and beyond.

The IOEMA cable system consists of 48 fibre pairs, with a minimum system capacity of 1.3 Pb/s.

The IOEMA cable project is developing by IOEMA Fibre Ltd., together with its landing partners, including Bulk Fibre Networks, Arelion, EWE TEL GmbH, Relined Fiber Network, Eurofiber, QTS and Colt Technology Services.

The project company, IOEMA Fibre Ltd., was founded in the UK in 2023 after 4 years of project development.

Bulk Fibre Networks is acting as a landing party in Norway, facilitating the connectivity to the N01 Data Centre, North of Kristiansand, and further towards Oslo.

Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier) acts as the provider of the infrastructure on the shores of Denmark and space in the ex-TAT-14 cable landing station, as well as further connectivity towards Esbjerg and Copenhagen, via their extensive network.

EWE TEL GmbH and Relined Fiber Network are joint landing partners in Germany, where the IOEMA cable system will terminate at a business park close to Wilhelmshaven, the new energy and transportation hub in the North of Germany. Both companies will provide backhaul routes to Hamburg, Berlin and beyond.

Eurofiber together with QTS are the landing parties in Eemshaven, The Netherlands, reusing the existing infrastructure of the former TGN Northern Europe cable, terminating in the DC01 of QTS in Eemshaven. Eurofiber will provide redundant backhaul connectivity to Groningen, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Brussels,
etc. via their fiber network.

Colt Technology Services will accommodate the IOEMA Fibre System at their landing point in Dumpton Gap (i.e. Tangerine & PEC) and in their CLS Broadstairs. Backhaul towards all important data centre and Telehouse locations in Greater London is being connected seamlessly.