Aqua Comms announced on March 25 the successful launch of CeltixConnect-2 (CC-2) and North Sea Connect (NSC) as part of its ownership of the Havhingsten cable system.

CC-2 is Aqua Comms’ second unrepeated system between the key data hubs of Ireland and the UK, with diverse landings into the Isle of Man (IOM). Together with CC-1 the new system brings resilient, high fibre count, capacity connectivity between these key hubs for the Carrier, Cloud and Content markets.

NSC offers a completely new route connecting the UK and the Nordics and is a repeated cable system connecting the Stellium Data Centre at D9’s SeaEdge-1 in Newcastle, UK and Blaabjerg, Denmark which also hosts Aqua Comms’ AEC-2 Trans-Atlantic cable system.


CeltixConnect-2 (CC-2) and North Sea Connect (NSC)
CeltixConnect-2 (CC-2) and North Sea Connect (NSC)


Both CC-2 and NSC are parts of the Havhingsten cable system, jointly built and owned by Aqua Comms, Bulk Fiber Networks and Meta (Facebook).  The Havhingsten cable system comprieses three segments, an unrepeatered subsea segment in the Irish Sea (CC-2), a repeatered segment in the North Sea (NSC)  and a terrestrial segment linking CC2 and NSC in the UK. 

CC-2 and NSC also combine to provide regional connectivity to Aqua Comms’ AEC-1 and AEC-2 (part of the Havfrue cable) Trans-Atlantic cables ensuring resilience and diversity between the US, Ireland, the UK and the Nordics. By connecting Ireland, the UK and the Nordics, Aqua Comms is bringing its industry-leading connectivity services to these key growth markets whilst also enhancing its Trans-Atlantic footprint and connectivity between the US and Europe

Aqua Comms is building AEC-3 Trans-Atlantic cable (part of Amitié cable) and EMIC-1 Europe-Asia cable (part of 2Africa cable).


Aqua Comms' Network Map
Aqua Comms Network Map