According to Taiwan news, Taiwan's National Communications Commission has approved the commercial use of TSE-1, the first direct submarine cable between Taiwan and China. The commercial use of TSE-1 will not only shorten the communication distance and broaden the information highway between Taiwan and mainland China,  but also improve the resiliency of the telecom infrastructure in Asia-Pacific region.


The TSE-1 cable project was completed in January 2013 and its completion ceremonies was held at both Taiwan landing side and China landing side on 18 January 2013. Taiwan's National Communications Commission had not approved the commercial use of the TSE-1 submarine cable system by that time, although all the necessary governmental approvals from mainland China have been granted.

With the final approval of Taiwan's National Communications Commission, TSE-1 is now ready for commercial use.

As the first cable directly connecting Taiwan island and mainland China, the TSE-1 submarine cable system is constructed by a consortium consisting of two mainland parties, China Mobile and China Unicom, and four Taiwan parties, Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile (TFN), Far EasTone Telecommunications (NCIC), and Taiwan International Gateway(TIGC), spans 270km connecting Tamsui, northern Taiwan, and Changle, Fuzhou in southeastern China's Fujian province, with a design capacity of 6.4Tbps over eight fiber pairs. 

As expected by China Unicom, TSE-1 cable will significantly improve the resiliency of submarine cable networks in this region. With the combination of TSE-1 cable system, Kingmen-Xiamen cable system and robust backbone, China Unicom can offer quick restoration service for traffic from Taiwan northwards to Japan, Korea and the US, and southwards to Hong Kong, South Asia and Europe.