SUNeVision Holdings Ltd. (“SUNeVision”), the number one data centre provider and connectivity hub in Hong Kong, and HKBN Group (“HKBN”), the leading integrated telecom and ICT solutions provider, announced on 29th October 2023 the commencement of operations of their joint-investment subsea cable system, TKO Connect. TKO Connect represents a significant milestone in next-generation subsea fibre cable systems as it enables ultra-reliable and seamless interconnection between the MEGA-i and MEGA Plus high-tier data centres in Hong Kong.

TKO ConnectTKO Connect, a dedicated subsea cable system jointly invested by SUNeVision and HKBN, empowers direct endto-end connectivity between MEGA-i and MEGA Plus. Image courtesy: SUNeVision


TKO Connect is a dedicated undersea fibre cable system directly linking SUNeVision’s MEGA-i, the most critical subsea interconnection hub in Chai Wan, and MEGA Plus, the state-of-the-art hyperscale data centre in Tseung Kwan O. Spanning approximately 3km between the two precincts, this new cable system provides the most direct and shortest route between MEGA-i and MEGA Plus – 20+km shorter and 4 times faster than alternate land routes with latency as low as 0.014 milliseconds.

TKO Connect is also the first and only dualpath subsea cable in Hong Kong, with two physical cables specifically built underwater to achieve full resilience and ensure network continuity for business’ operational excellence.

The cable terminates directly at the carrierneutral facility MEGA-i with minimal fibre splicing and loss, which makes it ultra-reliable. Interconnecting MEGA-i with MEGA Plus, the cable will be further expanded to MEGA IDC, the hyperscale data centre in Tseung Kwan O which is currently under development, enabling customers to tap into MEGA-i’s robust ecosystem with high-security and low-latency access.

The implementation of TKO Connect further enhances SUNeVision’s MEGA-i and MEGA Plus facilities by introducing an additional layer of direct & ultra-low latency connectivity, effectively linking the two data centres as a unified entity, working seamlessly to maximise operational efficiency and effectiveness for customers.

With a long tradition of pioneering breakthroughs that have brought high-speed internet to the market, HKBN is a leader in building innovative fibre infrastructures. Having invested billions of dollars into its proprietary world-class fibre infrastructure over the past three decades, HKBN is the only carrier in Hong Kong which operates a unique tri-carrier network (comprising three fibre optic networks of HKBN, WTT and NWT with coverage to over 8,000 commercial buildings and facilities), delivering unmatched route diversity to serve the complete range of needs from carriers and enterprises.

Allen Fung, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of SUNeVision said, “We are pleased to announce the commencement of TKO Connect today. Our flagship data centre MEGA-i has for many years served as a critical interconnection hub for Asia and globally. The completion of TKO Connect, which links up MEGA-i with our TKO data centres (i.e. MEGA Plus and the new MEGA IDC) will substantially increase speed and improve latency of data exchange amongst these data centres. This enables our MEGA-i customers to expand seamlessly into our TKO data centres, unconstrained by the capacity at MEGA-i. This also allows our customers to build resilience by having multiple hubs within our MEGA Campus. We believe with the TKO Connect, together with new subsea cables that will ‘land at’ MEGA-i, will further strengthen SUNeVision’s role as a critical hub in Asia.”

NiQ Lai, HKBN Co-Owner and Group CEO shared, “As a company driven by Purpose to ‘Make our Home a Better Place to Live’, our investments have always been a backbone for society’s progress. This pioneering collaboration continues our commitment to deliver world leading industry-first breakthroughs for customers, as we redefine the subsea space to address hyper-accelerated demand from the Asia Pacific region’s digital economy.”