HONG KONG, June 24, 2009 - PCCW Global today launched the TGN-Intra Asia Cable System (TGN-IA), the region’s first direct, point-to-point and express optical-fiber submarine cable interconnecting key PoPs in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore with branch extensions to the Philippines and Vietnam.

The TGN-IA, which landed in Hong Kong on March 16, 2009, is expected to be in operation by July 2009. PCCW Global is a significant stakeholder of this private cable initiated and operated by Tata Communications. With the planned cable landing in Vietnam in the third quarter of 2009, this 6,700 km-long TGN-IA cable network will become fully operational linking Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

This TGN-IA cable is strategically designed and routed to avoid earthquake zones and other potential natural calamity areas in the Asia-Pacific Region. With an aggregate bandwidth of 3.84 terabits per second and short round-trip-delay time, the TGN-IA allows faster connectivity and reduces latency for customers. The TGN-IA will also complement other regional cable systems, such as APCN-2 and RNAL, creating one of the most resilient Asian infrastructures, and will provide robust network solutions to customers and seamless interconnection with other major trans-oceanic cable networks linking the rest of the world.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Marc Halbfinger, Chief Executive Officer of PCCW Global, said: “We are proud to have ownership of the TGN-Intra Asia Cable System. This new cable will significantly increase our network’s capacity, providing our customers with greater flexibility and route diversity, and meeting the demand for Internet, TV broadcast, enterprise connectivity and applications, and all forms of data and voice services.”

The multi-terabit TGN-IA system increases data and voice reliability by providing new route diversity for traffic generated throughout and into the Asia Pacific region. PCCW Global and Tata Communications can jointly offer network services and other managed services into Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, as well as meet the growing demand from Business Process Outsourcing customers by offering services and direct routes into or between India and the regions that the TGN-IA connects.

Commenting on the launch of the TGN-IA cable, Vinod Kumar, President and Chief Operating Officer of Tata Communications, said “The TGN-IA cable system is an integral part of the growing Tata Global Network. When combined with our other wholly-owned and operated cable systems like TIC and the TGN-Pacific system,the  TGN-IA will complete Tata Communications’ multi-terabit capability from India to Asia and onward to the United States. We are proud to partner with PCCW Global on the TGN-IA system as it bolsters our common goal of continued growth and development within the Asia Pacific region.”

Source: PCCW Global