center3 announced on Linkedin that the Saudi Vision Cable (SVC) is now operational, marking a significant step in enhancing digital connectivity across the Middle East. This initiative is in line with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 to foster digital transformation.

Saudi Vision Cable
Saudi Vision Cable, Image courtesy: center3


Spanning 1,160 kilometers, SVC is designed to connect major cities along the Red Sea, aiming to strengthen connectivity within the Kingdom and the broader region. It serves as a swift and efficient data transmission hub, connecting key landing stations in the Red Sea and contributing to the value creation in digital infrastructure.

The network includes four key landing stations: Jeddah, Yanbu, Duba, and Haql. These stations are integral points for terminating major cable systems like SMW5, 2Africa, IEX, IMEWE, EIG, MENA, and others. These landing stations are leveraged by SVC to enhance local connectivity and as vital junctures for international data exchange. Haql is noteworthy for introducing a new exchange point that provides a direct route to Europe through Jordan, expanding Saudi Arabia's digital reach. Duba's connection to the NEOM project marks a leap in regional technological integration.

SVC's competitive interconnection rates encourage a collaborative digital infrastructure environment. This approach is key to establishing an integrated digital landscape in the region, positioning Saudi Arabia as a central hub for data exchange between three continents.

Additionally, SVC's role in facilitating connections to northern Europe via Jordan establishes a new digital exchange hub. This bolsters the region's role in international data transit, providing more direct and efficient data transfer routes and bridging global connectivity gaps.

In terms of capacity, SVC is a high-capacity system, capable of handling up to 18Tbps per fiber pair, with a total of 16 fiber pairs. This capacity ensures the system can meet the region's increasing data transfer needs, making it a foundational element in digital communication and data exchange.

The launch of the Saudi Vision Cable brings multiple benefits. It offers cost-effective connectivity options and significantly improves digital services in Saudi Arabia and beyond. This project is a critical driver of the region's digital transformation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital connectivity and communication.