Jakarta, February 17, 2010 – PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), one of the subsidiaries of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (TELKOM), signed an agreement to join the SJC Consortium for the construction of South-East Asia Japan Cable System (SJC) in Honolulu USA on January 18, 2010.

This strategic step is as an anticipation to the growing high demand of bandwidth worldwide in year 2010 to year 2014, particularly demand of TelkomGroup.

Bandwidth capacity owned by SJC is huge, even it is claimed as the hugest among the submarine cable existing currently. SKKL (Submarine Cable Communication System) of SJC will connect Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and other Asian countries. The Submarine Cable to be installed uses the newest Submarine Cable technology with the capacity to transmit 64 WL (wave length) at each fiber pair and 40 Gbps per WL so that the SJC submarine cable system will have a design capacity of 17 Terabyte per second (Tbps) and can be upgraded up to 23 Tbps.

SJC Cable Route

It is planned that SJC will be handled by NEC and Tyco where both has reputation in the SKKL construction. By using experienced contractor in settling SKKL construction of TelkomGroup, it is expected that construction can be completed on time and that the SKKL constructed is reliable.

Further SJC will be integrated with the SKKL, having been owned by TelkomGroup either domestic or international. Domestic SKKL is Jasuka (Jawa-Sumatera-Kalimantan (land & sea), SUB (Surabaya-Ujung Pandang-Banjarmasin) and Jaka2LaDeMa (Jawa-Kalimanatan-Sulawesi-Denpasar-Makasar), while International SKKL are Asia America Gateway (AAG), Batam Singapore Cable System (BSCS), Thailand Indonesia Singapore Cable System (TIS) and Dumai Melaka Cable System (DMCS). By this step, the SJC bandwidth capacity will get connected with domestic infrastructure and fulfill the need of international bandwidth for subscribers in Indonesia.

To complete the SJC network up to North America, the SJC will be connected with other SKKL with Japan-US route where there are many systems available such as Unity, Japan-US (JUS) and TGN. Besides, to strengthen domestic and international network, TelkomGroup has planned to construct the SKKL of Jakarta-Singapore 3rd Route.

Now there are 9 members of SJC submarine cable consortium and will probably increase to 11 members from various countries, therefore SJC will have a landing point in countries that are geographically located is strategic locations. This will expand TelkomGroup network coverage worldwide, which in turn will prove TelkomGroup commitment in the global level “The World in Your Hand” to the subscribers of TIME (Telecommunication, Internet, Media and Edutainment) service.

Mulia P Tambunan, President Director of Telin stated that, “Huge capacity of SJC is expected to be able to press cost of international bandwidth so that internet service cost will also get cheaper. This will be a supporting factor for improving penetration of the use of broadband internet in Indonesia, which is now still low.”

“Further Telin will continuously develop international infrastructure through other routes like west route direction and southern direction (Australia). Including in the infrastructure development is the strengthening of landing point in Indonesia such as Pontianak and Manado. Therefore, increasing and varying demand of broadband for subscribers of TelkomGroup as well as those of Regional will be able to serve”, said Mulia P Tambunan.

Source: Telin