China Data Center Report

Royal Bengal Tiger-2, RBT-2 has been set to kick-off by SBSCL, SPARKbANGLA Submarine Cables Ltd. This cable will open the new horizon of the internet and data users of the country Bangladesh. Focusing the 50th anniversary of the Independence Day of the country, 26th of March 2023 has been targeted as its Ready for Service date.

RBT-2 Cable Map

The USD180M cable is a eight lane cable starting from the coastal region of Bangladesh terminating to Singapore. In between it will connect five other countries who are the major players of this region. It is not only a Bangladeshi cable but more on a regional cable. It will connect all coastal countries of SAARC, BIMSTEC and ASEAN. By reducing the distance of the regional countries RBT-2 will work as a highway of digital ambassador. The main purpose of this cable is to establish e-governance inside the countries and reconnecting each other to form a digital platform for SAARC, ASEAN and BIMSTEC. Reducing poverty, increasing education rate, excel trade and commerce and exchange of technology, culture & social value of the said countries.  RBT-2 has a high-tech branching unit facing toward middle east upto Djibouti. It is also ready to pick SMW-6 and BBG2 to be PoI, Point of Interconnect two major cables coming from Europe in the same time.

The Founder CEO of RBT-2, Mohammad Abdullah pays special thanks to all members of teamBBG2 who are working hard for this cable since 2012, day and night. The miniature cable which is only 4500KM long is a highly sophisticated cable in sense of design criteria. It has connected seven countries Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. This is first time in sub cable industries that so many countries are being connected in such a short distance. The repeatered cable system has a design life of 25years. The system is composed of eight fiber pairs (Express) and four fiber pairs cable (Branches). Primary CLSs are Changi, Cox’s Bazar, Ngwesua, Satun. Penang and Medan. The cable would give Bangladesh a new height in the submarine cable industry as well it will open unexplored window of opportunity in international digital world.

The mission of the company SBSCL is to drain down per Mbps data to USD 0/-( USD ZERO) in retail level. All the cables designed by SBSCL is for the poor and ultra poor people of the globe. SBSCL has its own business model to reach the goal.Project RBT-2 is one of them.Apart from RBT-2, SBSCL has SHANGRILA-1 in South China Sea, BORAK-3 in Middle East and Alexander the Great(AtG)-4 in Mediterranean sea. These four local loop would be connected with BBG2_EW1. I have very little information about mesh network implementation talked by industry veterans now a days. What can be said this is a new idea of design criteria to increase number of participation going beyond the classical model of consortium.

Company Profile

SPARKbANGLA Submarine Cables Ltd. SBSCL

SPARKbANGLA Submarine Cables Ltd is international carrier of Submarine Cable Industry initiating more than four cables across Indian ocean, Mediterranean sea and south china sea. Bay of Bengal Gateway 2 is the biggest cable out of the four. It has connected Europe initiating from Spain and termination to Hong Kong, Asia as an Express Way 1. For east coast of Africa Expressway 2 has been designed which has connected ASIA generating from KSA to Africa terminating to south Africa. It is Express Way 2. Express Way 3 has connected Thailand with Sydney. Thus BBG2 has coverage of all of Indian Ocean connecting rest of the world, six continents, ASIA, AFRICA, EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA and AUSTRALIA. SBSCL is not a traditional submarine cable carrier. It is connecting poor and ultra-poor countries of ASIA , AFRICA , EASTERN EUROPE and other part of Indian Ocean to reduce digital divide and increase connectivity. SBSCL is connecting disconnected people since 2000 in eastern Asia with hundred percent success rate. We have connected most remote islands of Bangladesh with North American internet stream through Hawaii TELEPORT USA. We did same with remote and hilly cities of Myanmar, Cambodia , Malaysia and Indonesia. SBSCL also provide consultancy service of Submarine cable industries which includes , Desktop Study, Turnkey Marine Survey, Route Survey and Cable Engineering, Acquisition of Permits and Shore End Landings.