According to news release on July 9,2007, Global Marine Systems Limited, the independent market-leading subsea cable installation and maintenance company has been awarded a contract by PT Moratel Indonesia, the domestic and international backbone operator from Indonesia, for the construction of the Moratelindo International Cable – System 1 (MIC-1).

The project – Moratelindo International Cable – System 1 (MIC 1) - covers both terrestrial and submarine construction; the 70km fiber optic cable will run from Batam, Indonesia to Changi, Singapore. The MIC-1 cable system has been designed  to have a minimum capacity of 10Gbits (STM-64) with the capability of accommodating Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM).  The installation of this repeaterless system is inline with Moratel’s plan to roll out their domestic and international fibre-optic and microwave based network, in order to expand its business internationally and to strengthen its position as a key telecommunication, Voice and Internet Manage Services provider.

Moratel will migrate their existing cable routes to this new network in order to improve service quality, and support their growing customer demands for bandwidth.

Moratel is in partnership with Singapore based company ViewQwest to operate and market the submarine cable network.  ViewQwest is the FBO  operator licensee from Infocom Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and is the landing party for the cable system in Singapore.

Global Marine will be utilizing the unique capability of the Networker vessel with the Injector spread for an efficient one vessel solution for the submarine main lay.  The work will begin immediately as the system is scheduled to be operational in Q1 2008.

“The delivery of this system will almost certainly  enhance Moratel’s position as one of the leading players of the telecom sector in Indonesia  and we are delighted to have been selected to deliver this project,” said John Walters, General Manager in Global Marine’s Asia Pacific office in Singapore.

Mr. Galumbang Menak, President Director of Moratel added “Global Marine is recognized as the world leader in providing submarine fibre optic cable installation and maintenance services, offering integrated solutions to the telecommunications industry, The combination of unparalleled technical expertise, vessels and worldwide support has enabled Global Marine to oversee many of the industry’s most complex projects for over 150 years.”