Tokyo - May 25, 2001

Fujitsu Ltd. announced that it has won a contract from several major Japanese and South Korean telecommunication companies to construct an undersea fiber optic cable linking the two countries, namely the Korea-Japan Cable Network (KJCN).

The new cable, the Korea-Japan Cable Network (KJCN), will run the 500 kilometers between Pusan, a major city in the south of Korea, and Kitakyushu and Fukuoda, two cities in the far west of Japan. Consisting of 12 fiber pairs, the cable will have a maximum capacity of 2.88 Tbps (bits per second) making it the highest capacity link between the two Asian neighbors.

Fujitsu was awarded the US$40 million KJCN contract by the owners of the KJCN, Japan Telecom Co. Ltd., Korea Telecom Corp., Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc. and NTT Communications Corp.

The KJCN cable is being constructed to handle the anticipated increase in demand for telecommunication capacity between the two countries during soccer's 2002 World Cup, which is being jointly hosted by Japan and Korea. Fujitsu said it expects to complete the cable by February 2002, several months ahead of the beginning of the tournament.