Rakuten Mobile, Inc. has announced to participate in the construction of a high-capacity fiber optic submarine cable to connect Hokkaido and Akita Prefecture, Japan. This is the first submarine cable project participated by the fourth mobile operator in Japan.

Rakuten Mobile concluded a joint construction agreement with NTT Communications Corporation, KDDI Corporation and SoftBank Corp. in October 2021.

The Hokkaido-Akita submarine cable will be approximately 770 km, with construction to be completed by the end of FY2023. Leveraging the latest optical wavelength division multiplexing transmission systems, the fiber optic submarine cable will have a designed capacity of more than 160 Tbps.

By contributing to construction of the fiber optic submarine cable, a first for the operator, Rakuten Mobile aims to respond to the increase in traffic expected to come with the increasing adoption of 5G (5th generation mobile communications system) and other high speed, high-capacity networks, as well as expand redundancy in the network for times of emergency. In addition, the joint construction agreement will allow for cost-effective construction of this valuable infrastructure.

Rakuten Mobile is wholly owned by Rakuten Group, Inc., the largest ecommerce company in Japan. Established in January, 2018, Rakuten Mobile is the fourth wireless mobile carrier in Japan.

Hokkaido-Akita cable route
Hokkaido-Akita cable route, Image credit: Rakuten Mobile