Reliance Globalcom completed in August 2011 the upgrade of its FNAL submarine cable network using 40G Coherent technology, being the 1st provider in Asia to offer 40G submarine network solutions. After this upgrade, the FNAL cable system is enhanced to a capacity of 12 Terabytes and support new features like 40G, OTN and 10G LAN PHY.


The 10G LAN PHY services were initially launched in 2009 on Reliance Globalcom’s FA-1 submarine cable system between New York, London and Paris.

The capacity upgrade on FNAL has enabled Reliance Globalcom to bring more cost effective and cutting edge Ethernet based solutions to the region. 10G LAN PHY interfaces can be directly plugged into the customer Ethernet router port, thereby offering a significantly lower cost alternative to the customer than using traditional 10G / STM-64 interfaces. Since the 10G LAN PHY service operates at a line rate of 10.31 Gbps against 9.95 Gbps on a standard 10G, it can also offer a higher user data speed.

With the launch of 10G LAN PHY service on the FNAL cable system, the Ethernet customer applications will be delivered at 10 times the bandwidth available on a Gigabit Ethernet connection, thus increasing the transport efficiencies and capacity over existing wavelengths deployed on Reliance Globalcom’s network. The offering will help 10G LAN PHY adoption in Asia, meeting both high speed and additional wavelength requirements.

“The service will help Content Delivery Networks and Internet Service Providers to aggregate large traffic volumes in a cost effective way and at higher data speed” says Punit Garg, President & CEO, Reliance Global Enterprise Business. “The 10G LAN PHY capabilities across our FNAL and FA-1 networks will significantly lower the cost of upgrades and ongoing maintenance for our customers”. The service will additionally provide customers the freedom and flexibility to manage their data networks. The plug-and-play Ethernet interface of 10G LAN PHY service coupled with Optical Transport Network technology will help them leverage the Ethernet technology to build and grow large IP backbones and storage networks.