China Data Center Report

The Flag North Asian Loop/Reach North Asian Loop (FNAL/RNAL) is an Intra-Asia submarine cable system linking Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong in a ring configuration. The FNAL/RNAL ring network consists of 6 fiber pairs stretching 10,000 km. Reliance Globalcom (FLAG Telecom) and Reach each owns three of the six fiber pairs of the entire FNAL/RNAL submarine cable system respectively. 

Reliance Globalcom (FLAG Telecom) brands FNAL for its ownership and capacity in system. Reach brands RNAL for its ownership and capacity in system, which was also called "Tiger" before Reach acquired it from Level 3 Communications.

Reliance Globalcom has successfully upgraded it FNAL to 40G submarine network in the end of August 2011. 

PCCW Global announced to upgrade the RNAL with 100G network solutions in January, 2012. 


Cable System:

  • Flag North Asian Loop/Reach North Asian Loop, or FNAL/RNAL

Cable Length:

  • 10,000 Km
  • Eastern leg of 5000 km, connecting Hong Kong and Tokyo via Toucheng, Taiwan
  • Western leg of 5000 km, connecting Hong Kong and Tokyo via Pusan, Korea

Fiber Pairs:

  • 6 fiber pairs on the Eastern leg
  • 6 fiber pairs on the Western leg

Design Capacity:

Lit Capacity:

  • 80 Gbps (as of RFS in July. 2001)

Ready for Service Date:

Investment Type:

  • Private


Initial Investment:

  • US$ 900 million

Landing Stations:


FNAL/RNAL Submarine Cable Map:

FNAL/RNAL Submarine Cable Map