Reliance Globalcom announced early this month that it has upgraded its FNAL terrestrial backhaul network with Ciena's market-leading 6500 Packet-Optical Platform equipped with WaveLogic™ coherent optical processors to support 40 Gb/s OTN-based wavelengths across FNAL subsea segments, and between its Taipei and Seoul points-of-presence (PoPs). This upgrade enables Reliance Globalcom to offer a seamless and cost-effective global network solotion by matching terrestrial backhaul capacity and performance from the cable landing station all the way back to the inland PoP.


OTN's ability to carry different client services over the same wavelength allows Reliance Globalcom to offer SDH and Ethernet-based solutions over the same transport platform, resulting in flexible and cost-effective service offerings for its enterprise as well as carrier customers. The upgrade allows Reliance Globalcom to offer bandwidth speeds ranging from 1 Gb/s up to 40 Gb/s, with an option for 2.5 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s between its PoP locations, over the newly deployed OTN platform.

By transparently delivering any service protocol without impacting its native characteristics on an OTN-enabled network, customers have maximum control over their services for performance monitoring and recovery during outages, thereby reducing their overall dependency on the service provider. Moreover, OTN's advanced forward error correction (FEC) mechanism helps improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) on the transmission network, resulting in better service quality for real-time applications such as VOIP and video conferencing.

"Asia is currently among the leading regions where the Internet and broadband penetration rates are high but there is still a significant potential for bandwidth growth. Reliance Globalcom is committed to meet this growth by upgrading its network consistently in a cost-effective manner with the latest transmission technologies like OTN," said Mr. Punit Garg, President and CEO, Reliance Globalcom.

"High-bandwidth applications such as video and cloud computing continue to put pressure on today's networks, requiring carriers like Reliance to deploy technologies that not only increase capacity but also provide more intelligent, adaptable networks. Ciena's coherent optical solutions increase network capacities to existing undersea cables and equip carriers to quickly respond to changing traffic and service demands," said Anthony McLachlan, Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific, Ciena.

This deployment builds on a long-standing relationship between Ciena and Reliance Globalcom. In 2011, Reliance Globalcom upgraded its FNAL submarine network with Ciena's coherent 40G optical networking solution. And ealier in this November, Reliance selected Ciena’s market-leading WaveLogic coherent optical 100G networking solutions to upgrade its FLAG Europe-Asia (FEA) submarine network over a route that connects Egypt and Jordan.