Los Angeles, December 23, 1999 - Asia Global Crossing Ltd., an affiliate of Global Crossing Ltd., today announced that it has awarded KDD Submarine Cable Systems Inc. (KDD-SCS) the construction contract for Phase 1 of East Asia Crossing (EAC), an 11,600 kilometer subsea fiber optic cable system that will connect Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and China.


EAC will use bi-directional transport capacity shared over four fiber pairs and state-of-the-art dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology to provide the region's first 2.56 terabit system, the highest cable capacity ever introduced to the Asia Pacific marketplace. The EAC system forms a self-healing ring, providing internal restoration capability in the event of a link outage, and will connect with Global Crossing's subsea system Pacific Crossing-1 and its Japanese terrestrial network. EAC Phase 1 planning and construction has begun and initial service for the link between Japan and Hong Kong is scheduled for year-end 2000.

"Global Crossing, through its subsidiary Asia Global Crossing, is dedicated to providing global connectivity in the Asia Pacific region," said Bob Annunziata, CEO of Global Crossing. "By linking the fast-growing markets of Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and China, and connecting them to the worldwide fiber optic Global Crossing Network, the Asia Pacific region will for the first time gain access to a broadband, seamless global network. Awarding the construction contract to KDD-SCS, the submarine cable supplier that delivered Phase 1 of Global Crossing's Pacific Crossing-1 system on budget and ahead of schedule, will ensure that this project, as all Global Crossing projects, is completed on or before schedule."

Planning for the second phase of EAC is underway.